Our American store, FINEARTAMERICA, resides in America and has manufacturing and shipping offices worldwide.This makes the shipping costs are minimal.

If you´re from Spain you can also make your orders to our SPANISHSHOP. Our SpanishShop sends out to Europe and Portugal too.


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Fine Art America Inc. guarantees their manufacturing work with a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee... No questions asked. They are not guaranteeing my artwork or artistic ability, however, and neither do . I realize that you are placing an Order based upon what you see... but how and what you see may not be the same as how I see. Therefore my policy is a WYSIWYG Policy which is very often the difference between your computer screen and mine so please make sure that you like what you see before ordering it because if FAA doesn't get paid then neither do I. If you are unsure please go into of FFA´s my acount directly where my artwork can be magnified. All Orders must be made online. All returns must be submitted online. If you need further assisstance with a return on an Order, please use FAA's online form or go to, FAA RETURNS POLICY and fill out their online form. You will need your email address and your Order Number so please save your confirmation email. All enquiries and questions regarding Orders or Purchases should be directed to FAA's, Customer Service: 877-807-5901 TOLL FREE. 

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