- Information about my order :

You will receive two emails in your inbox ... informing about :

1 - The purchase information of your products (Units - genre - sizes - color - type of product ...) and their total price.

2 - 2 - After some days, you will receive another email ... announcing the departure of the shipment , the track and its approximate arrival date.

Remember that Classic print and Full print shipments are sent independently (it is very possible that the departure and arrival dates do not coincide). 

- My order did not arrive ... what can I do? : 

If your order did not arrive on the estimated date ... we suggest that the client wait one more week due to the possible inconveniences and delays that the Mail company may suffer ... the speed and the volume of work may vary in each country or city.
If after giving a week of margin ... the shipment has not arrived ... please contact the shop ... we will proceed to to solve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

- My order (product) arrived wrongly printed or in poor condition ... how can I solve it? : 

If your order arrived wrongly printed, in poor condition or for any other reason that you dislike ... please contact us and we will proceed to send again you the order or product totally free or theeconomic return ... (customer's choice) .

- I bought several products ... I only received a few ... what could have happened? :

The shipments on Classic Print and Full print work independently ... it is very possible that they have different departure and arrival dates ... you just have to look at the dates of the shipments in the proof of purchase that we provide in your email .

- Is tracking available for worldwide? :

It is possible that for some cities or areas it is not available ... ordinary mail companies work with different modalities ... but the number of areas without this service is minimal. If you receive a track number that begins with UD and ends with NL will be able to follow the movements from its place of origin to its place of destination. In the event that it receives another track number ... it is very possible that its movements are limited and will stop showing when the shipment passes through Customs (situation that may occur for international shipments of standard rates).

- When am I charged for my order?:

All orders are charged at the time they are placed.

- Can I cancel my order?:

You can cancel your order before 24 hours ... after 24 hours your order cannot be will canceled.
For economic returns it is essential that the client provides us with a PAYPAL account to our email store@pnofficialshop.com to proceed with its return.

- What service do you use to ship orders?:

We use the United States Postal Service to ship all orders.

- I would like to get free shipping ... is it possible?:

Free shipping for orders over EUR 100. (Available for www.pnofficialshop.com only)

Sincerely ,

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