1. Shippings

The shipments on our articles are world character. 

The shipping procedures are done using the standard shipping.

The requested package will arrive under the postal company (ordinary post mail) responsible for covering your city or country.

The estimated shipping time is 5-15 days (without delays).

In case there is a delay ... we ask the customer to wait one more week ... understanding that the shipment may have been delayed, lost ect ...

After 1 week has elapsed ... you can contact us by email ... so that we can proceed as soon as possible to solve the problem.

You can consult the return rules and their procedure in our returns section.

Most of the ordinary mail companies in the world use code tracking (it is possible that in some city or country it is not possible).

You can check the tracking of your package by entering the corresponding code at

The cost that is applied to each product is € 2.5 (available for only)

For € 100 of purchase free shipping costs.(available for only)

2. Payments

For the payment procedure ... this SHOP uses the leading company PAYPAL and the corresponding credit card option that uses this platform.
Secure, guaranteed and fast payment.

You can make your payment from your PAYPAL account to the Shop's PAYPAL account, or from your credit card to the PAYPAL shop's account, both processes provided by PAYPAL.

If you make purchases in the store (classic print products) you will see that you have many more forms of payment.


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